Crafts for Toddlers: Sidewalk Chalk

I see sidewalk chalk drawings in my neighborhood all the time.  Beautiful pictures filling the sidewalks.  For some reason, though, it never dawned on me to give sidewalk chalk to Bug.  Silly Momma, because apparently drawing outside is awesome.

In reality, what might the be actual awesome part of this activity is that he gets to draw on the ground.  Which may or may not have led to him thinking he can draw on the tile with his crayons.  Whoopsies.  So, now, we’re trying to teach him that it’s ok to draw on the ground with chalk.  Outside.  Crayons & markers & paint only go on paper.  Not on the tile.  Or carpet.  Or table.  We haven’t had to deal with drawing on the walls yet, but I’m sure that day is not too far away.

Also a very fun part of the whole sidewalk chalk activity… putting the chalk in and out of their box.  Because the in & out game is always a hit.  I mean, isn’t that why we buy our kids toys that come in reusable containers?  My first thought is always… he’ll love putting that in and out of the box!  Oh, and he’ll probably like the actual chalk, too.


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