Egmont Key

It feels like I have been away for months… though in reality it’s only been a week.  I hope you had a fantastic Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever) and a Happy New Year.  Eventually, I’ll get around to the Obligatory Christmas Post, but for now let’s talk about something else, k?  Hubby had the entire week after Christmas off of work, which was awesome.  We did all kinds of fun things… like returned to Mote Marine, spent lots of time with family, went out on the town one night with friends while Nana & Pops babysat.  One of those most awesome things that we did, though, was bring Bug to Egmont Key.

Egmont Key is this little mass of land at the mouth of Tampa Bay that housed Fort Dade during the Spanish-American war.  Most of the key is now a wildlife refuge, but the rest of it is a state park.  It is only accessible by private boat.  There are all of these old mine storehouses and armament buildings right along the beach that you can explore.

And I mean really explore.  You can can crawl in and around every room and every staircase on the island.  The only thing that is blocked off are some dunes that are in danger of erosion.  There is even an old structure that is now underwater that you can snorkel.

Part of Fort Dade was a miniature city that was home to the soldiers and their families.  These buildings were made of wood and have since been destroyed by storms & fires, but the foundations and the brick streets remain.  It is a kind of creepy, but very beautiful ghosttown on the water.

There is also a lighthouse that is still in use today.  Apparently, the lighthouse is one of the biggest draws of visitors to Egmont.  I’m not sure about this, but I think it might be the only lighthouse in the area.

Bug, Hubby, Papa and I took the boat out early Saturday morning and spent the day exploring the island.  Hubby & I had been here once before, right when I found out I was pregnant, and loved it.  It was so nice being able to share such a cool place with Buggy and with my Dad.

Bug had an amazing time running around, climbing, exploring, looking for turtles (gopher turtles run a muck on Egmont), chasing lizards… basically being a boy!  I’d like to leave you with a video of Bug 1) loving the echos the cement rooms made and 2) shaking his booty.  For some reason, he just stopped while we were hiking down the brick road and starting dancing.  We, being the good parents we are, egged him on and taped him.  Yay.


2 thoughts on “Egmont Key

  1. that place looks AMAZING!!!! i would love to go there. but i dont live in FL and dont have a boat. 😦

    the video was great too. your hubby has some amazing dance skills! 🙂 kids are so funny!!

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