Daddy’s Boy

To say the Bug is a Daddy’s boy is kind of an understatement.  “Daddee” is the first word he utters in the morning.  On weekdays, we wake up after Daddy leaves for work, and I have to walk Bug around the house to prove that Daddy is in fact, actually & truly not there.  And then, he’s usually devastated for like 2 whole minutes.  When Daddy is home, but just in another room, Bug wanders around the house yelling, “Daaaaadddeeeee” until he finds the dude that he looks up to the most.  Melts. my. heart.

Hubby had off work the week after Christmas… and Buggy had off of school.  I am pretty sure the boy thought he was in heaven because he got to hang out with dad every single day for like 10 days straight.  Hubby’s first day back to work was a little difficult for Bug, needless to say.  Could have had something to do with him not napping at school.

***Side note: UPDATE… he is now napping again at school, thankyouverymuch.  Or, at least, he napped on Wednesday this week.  So, hopefully I didn’t just screw us all over and he’ll nap again tomorrow.  Also, I have been informed by my friend Matt that the line “no more naps” is from Honey I Blew Up the Kid.  Thank you to Matt for being THE ONLY ONE who helped me out there.***

Frankly, it doesn’t even bother me that he would rather go to Hubby 9 times out of 10 (except when he’s hurt… then he wants his Momma).  It doesn’t bother me that he rarely calls out for me.  It doesn’t even bother me that sometimes he goofs and calls me Daddy.  In all honesty, I LOVE that Bug loves his Daddy so much.  I mean, come on… he’s a pretty awesome Daddy to have.  He wrestles, makes up silly songs, gives lots of kisses and hugs and snuggles.

I think it doesn’t really bother me because at some point, several months ago, Bug was a Momma’s boy.  And, I am sure, at some point in the future, he will be a Momma’s boy again.  I bet he plays us back and forth his entire life, the smartypants.  Just when one parent is really missing being his favorite… BAM… he’ll start paying more attention to said parent just so he can get an extra cookie after dinner, or a a few extra minutes before bedtime, or a new car.

I can’t help but think that the fact that Bug gets to spend so much one-on-one time with Daddy contributes to his being all-about-Dad.  Because of my schedule, Bug gets to have Daddy to himself at least 3 nights a week… and sometimes 4 or 5.  We get a lot of people that tell us it’s too bad we don’t get to spend more family time together, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It gives Bug & Hubby some really awesome bonding time that a lot of dads don’t get.  It gives them time to develop their own set of games, their own set of rules, their own set of special moments that I can’t interfere with.  I certainly get my own bonding time with Buggy, and we get a good amount of family time, too, but that time with Daddy is special.

Is your kiddo a Mommy’s kid or a Daddy’s kid?  Do they tend to go back and forth?


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