Bug LOVES football.  I have a picture somewhere of him at like 4 months old just staring down a Gator game.  Hands clasped together and not taking his eyes off the screen.  Then, I thought it was just all the pretty colors he was looking at, but now I am fairly certain that he was falling in love with the game.

If ESPN so much as flickers across the TV screen, we hear an immediate “FOOTBALL!!!”… which really sounds more like “BOBALL!!!”  There really is enough excitement in little man’s face to warrant three exclamation points.  We are huge Florida Gators (Hubby & I both went to school there) and, obviously, Gator football takes precedence over just about everything else on Saturdays during college football season.  Bug caught on to this.  Any time he sees Gator anything, including pictures of alligators in books, he screams “FOOTBALL!!!”  The other day, Hubby and Bug were driving and Bug started yelling “FOOTBALL!!!”  Hubby had no clue why he, all of a sudden, was thinking about football.  Well, there was a Gator sticker on the car next to them.  Kid misses nothing.

For Christmas, Awesome Auntie Annie gave Bug one of his favorite gifts… a set of balls (heh.): a basketball, soccer ball, and football sized for little hands.  Buggy LOVES them all… but he, of course, especially loves his football.  He’s getting pretty good at throwing it… and he is also getting pretty good at tackling when we play football in the yard.  We probably need to have the conversation that we don’t tackle our friends, because I can see that going badly at school.

Poor guy, though… because chances that he’s going to be a great football player are pretty slim.  His Daddy & Mommy are not exactly large people.  If When he wants to play football, we will be behind him 100%.  Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be the really fast, but little, receiver for the Gators one day.


4 thoughts on “Football!

  1. Yeah FOOOOOBAAALLLLLLL!!!! Uncle Adam here: just wanted to thank you for your ‘set of balls’ reference.
    You know, its so funny. We got Eli a ridiculous amount of cool, fancy toys to play with, and his favorite thing was ‘the set’. Good work, Annie Bannaney!

  2. yes, i got the “ball” reference too! i just love your post and pictures. Bug is getting soooo big. love you guys! Auntie Jan

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