The Brushing of the Teeth Part Deux: The Battle Subsides

Back in November, I posted about the daily battle that was brushing Bug’s teeth.  Well, guess what?


I had some really wonderful suggestions from some really wonderful readers.  I tried just about every one of them… upside down teeth brushing as a fun game, giving him a novel toy as a distraction, Unfortunately, none of them worked (well, almost, but I’ll get to that in a minute).

You’re totally wondering how I won, right?  It is super exciting… something amazing that you’d never guess.  Ready?


I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use toothpaste until they’re 2, but whatevs.  The Orajel tube says 18 months, so there.

I put the tiniest little dollop on his little electric toothbrush and he goes to town.  Sure, he still sucks on it quite a bit, but he actually mimics me and moves the brush around on his teeth.  Then, THEN, I tell him that Mommy gets to do it “just one time” (VERY IMPORTANT PHRASE, BTW) and then he can have it back.  Kate from This Place is Now a Home gave me the making-it-a-big-deal-that-we-take-turns idea.  He is never super excited about this, but he at least gives me about 45 seconds to brush his teeth properly.

I consider that a win.

That, and the fact that he actually asks to brush his teeth (“bruh teeeh!”).  Every day.  Even knowing that Momma is going to get in there and do her thing.

Also, he totally imitates spitting after he brushes his teeth, though he’s really just making the noise and not spitting at all.  Hilarious.

So my question now: I know that Kate (whose father-in-law is a pediatric dentist) has already taken Owen to the dentist, but our pediatrician told me he didn’t need to go until he is like 3.  When did you take your kid to the dentist for the first time?


5 thoughts on “The Brushing of the Teeth Part Deux: The Battle Subsides

  1. I took my now 4 year old for the first time when he had just turned 3. The dentist to him is comparable to a demon that eats your soul. But hey! Every kid is different!

    Your kid is a DOLL, by the way.

    • Good to know. I am pretty sure Eli will feel about the same way about the dentist. Also… your comment made me spit milk out my nose. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We just started brushing Sullivan’s teeth a few weeks ago. Started with just a plain brush and it was chaos. Finally found a toothpaste for 12 months plus and it’s so easy now. Our dr told us he doesn’t need to go to a dentist yet but it will help him get used to it if we start soon. Still trying to decide…

  3. YAY! I’m so glad that worked. Errr, helped. I think this is a constant battle — it certainly is at our house! I’m practically blue in the face singing a million different songs trying to get Owen to keep his mouth open for me. And he recently found out it’s HILARIOUS to throw the toothbrush across the room during “Owen’s turn” for brushing. Little stinker.

    Perhaps I will try toothpaste next 🙂

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