Getting Dressed

Lately, Bug has been a big fan of getting dressed himself.  Not that he’s very good at it yet, but I am incredibly impressed at his efforts.

You have to hand him his shirt a certain way for him to be able to pull it over his head, but for the most part he can get it almost all the way on his head by himself.

Of course, sometimes he misses.

He used to be only interested in putting his own shirt on, but Mr. Determined has now decided that putting your own pants on is equally as awesome.  He needs a little help deciphering which leg goes in which hole and he needs help pulling them all the way up, but kid is seriously on a getting dressed role.

This is his, “Yeah, I pretty much did this all myself” face… “No big deal, guys.”  Wrong, Bug.  Big deal.  We’re proud of you, buddy.


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