Eating Where the Grownups Eat

At 19 months old, Bug has decided that he is d.o.n.e. with his highchair.  We went through 3 or 4 days of screaming fits and armadillo-ing (the act of a child curling up into a ball whenever you try to get them to do something… such as put them in their highchair) each and every time we tried to put him in his highchair.  You know, the highchair he has sat in 4-5 times a day for the last year of his short little life.  My back = not okay with this situation.  You try holding a 25 pound child in mid-air while he curls up in a ball.  See how your back likes it.

Anywho, our solution was to attach the portable highchair to the table.  Voila.  Awesome sauce.  Looks like he just wanted to sit at the table like the adults do.  Several people have mentioned to me using one of those booster seats that straps on to a regular chair, but our kitchen table is a high top, meaning our kitchen chairs are more like bar stools.  The thought of him being up that high and rocking back and forth and side to side in a booster seat on a bar stool freaks me out.  Read: it would really hurt if he somehow rocked the chair over.

So, for now, he is dining in the portable highchair.  It’s going to be a little harder to keep clean than the old highchair, but that’s okay.  At least my child will sit in it without screaming a bloody murder “Noooooooo!!!!” for each snack and mealtime.  BTW, the old highchair is now packed away in the garage… one more baby thing out of my house… which is part awesome and part makes me want to curl up into my own armadillo ball and cry because my baby is growing up way too fast.

Also, I’d like to let you know that Bug put that headband on his own head.  He’s a big fan of playing dress-up.

When did your child refuse to sit in stop using a highchair?


5 thoughts on “Eating Where the Grownups Eat

  1. blaine started refusing at 8 months old! my jaw literally dropped to see bug still sat in it until recently. we put him in a booster thing at that time and recently he refuses to go into that (!!!!) so we have a little table and chairs he sits at. it makes going to restaurants hard b/c he will SCREAM BLOODY MURDER if you even attempt to get him to sit in one of the baby chairs they have there.

  2. All of these entries make me smile remembering the days my sons were little! Thanks for reminding me of the memories. You will live through these changes. Just see how creative and flexible it makes you be ! 🙂

  3. I dig the headband, first of all. We may be switching to a booster chair or one that hooks to the table soon but not because he doesn’t like his high chair. The high chair has a bar in between his legs and he’s getting so big that I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be comfortable. He’s only 13 months, I wasn’t expecting it this soon. Yes, my kid is huge. Do you like the seat you have?

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