The Aquadoodle

Grandma and Papa have Bug an Aquadoodle for Christmas.  At first, I thought it was a cool toy that he probably would play with every once in a while, like he seems to do with most of his toys.  I was wrong.  Kid LOVES the thing.

What is the Aquadoodle, you ask?  It’s pretty much just a large fabric pad that you put on the ground.  It has a “marker” that you fill with water and then draw on the white part of the pad.  It appears as if your child is actually drawing, bit it’s really just water.  Water = not messy = awesome.

We leave the Aquadoodle out on the living room floor at all times because Bug plays with it probably 10 times in any given day.  To be honest, we don’t even really use crayons all that much at home right now because he’d rather draw on the Aquadoodle.  At least we’re saving paper, right??

While Bug loves to color and draw on his own, his favorite thing right now is to hand us the marker and have us draw for him.  He could watch you draw for hours on end.  Ok, may not hours, but minutes on end anyways.  He asks for us to draw bubbles, footballs, fishies (“ishy”, and people.  He always wants Daddy to be drawn first (with a hat “at” on, thankyouverymuch) and he likes to bend down and kiss whoever it is you’ve just drawn.  Pretty stinkin’ adorable.
Buggy & I are traveling to Iowa in May to visit my best friend and I am think about getting Bug this Aquadoodle Travel Doodle for the plane.  It will probably keep him occupied for at least 12 minutes.

Do your kids have an Aquadoodle?  Do they love it?


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