The Bulletin Board

One of my favoritest blogs ever is Marriage Confessions.  It is one of only two or three blogs that I purposefully check every day for new content.  Mostly I love it because Katie is my age and hilarious.  I’m pretty sure we’d be very good friends if we were, you know, real life friends.  Or even if she knew I existed beyond blog comments.  I think once she commented on my blog… and I think I got so excited I almost peed my pants.  But, anyways… one of the main reasons I love Marriage Confessions is because Katie’s son, Bean, is exactly 1 year older that Bug.  Just about every month I go back and look at her posts from the previous year to get ideas on how to handle things that Bug is going through.  Something I found recently when going through her archives was this bulletin board that she put in Bean’s room with flash cards to work on learning words.  We’re trying to work on the alphabet with Bug right now, so I thought I’d make a bulletin board for his room, too.

I bought a pack of alphabet flash cards from Target for $1 and a bulletin board for $8.  I pinned all of the cards onto the board for now and Bug & I spend a few minutes each day singing our ABCs and pointing at different letters and talking about the animals that start with that letter.  Surprisingly, he’ll actually ask to “play” with the board… meaning he’s actually enjoying learning.  Makes a Momma proud.

I think after a few weeks I’ll have him help me pick maybe 10 letters at a time so that the board isn’t so cluttered and we’ll change them every week.  The point isn’t for him to learn the letters in order… just for him to be able to recognize them.  After he learns his letters, we’ll move on to flash cards with words on them.

Here’s hoping I can keep up with the changing of the cards every week or so!


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