Super. Cut.

In June, I gave Bug his first “haircut,” which involved no more than me snipping two little pieces from his hair.  Then, a few months later, Hubby gave him a haircut.  His mom, my mom and the preschool teachers said that Hubby was never allowed to do that again.  (If you will please notice that I left ME out of that sentence… ’cause Hubby’s haircut wasn’t really that bad.)  THEN, a few months ago I trimmed the mullet he had acquired while Hubby distracted him with cookies.  All went well, but it was nearly impossible.

See, we really want to grow Bug’s hair out like a little grom surfer kid before he’s old enough to tell us no.  Well, he’s old enough to say “no” now, but he’s not old enough to give two poops about his hairstyle.  Problem is, with me trimming it, it was starting to look like a girly bob.  We don’t want that.  So, we took him to Supercuts.

I am going to tell you right now that I have never been in a Supercuts.  For two reasons.  1.  When my hair was really long, I let Hubby cut it to save money.  He did a great job, because all he had to do was cut it straight across the back.  He’s an engineer, so he’s pretty particular about straight lines and things being even.  2.  I’m a bit of a loyalist.  When I cut my hair short, I found a hair stylist that I love and I will follow her anywhere.  And I’m pretty sure she’ll never work at Supercuts.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Supercuts.  Obvi.  I trusted the hair of my little boy to them.

Back to the story.  Hubby got his hair cut first… which is the first time he’s gotten a hair cut in a salon since 2007.  I take clippers to Hubby’s head every couple of months, once again to save money.  We bought clippers for like $15 dollars in 2007 and have saved several hundred dollars in haircuts over 4 years.  Sorry… back the story once again.  We had Hubby get his hair done first so that Bug could watch.  And watch he did.  He was very interested and kept saying “Daddy haircut” (which sounded more like “Daddy ai-cut”).  And then he’d say “Eli haircut” and we’d tell him how he was next.  When it was his turn, he was SO GOOD, ya’ll!  He sat on Daddy’s lap and was very quiet and very serious.

The stylist was super fast and very good with him.  She obviously has had some experience with children.  Kind of hard to expect the best haircut in the world with a toddler who moves his head every 5 seconds, but she did a great job.  He looks like such a big boy now!  Totally worth the money to get both boys’ hair did.


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