The DQ

Ok, so we’re not a family that eats fast food all that often.  I mean, I love me some Micky D’s chicken nuggets (yes, I’m aware of what they’re made of… don’t care), but we just rarely do the fast food thing.  We’d rather not spend the money or the time when we can make our own chicken nuggets at home.  Straight from the Tyson bag.

We do, however, frequent DQ.  Diary Queen, that is.  Enough to where Bug knows where we are when we pull up.  He does his happy dance as soon as we get out of the car.  Here is why we like Dairy Queen:

1.  It is close to our house.  McDonald’s is at least 5 more minutes away.
2.  There are Blizzards involved.
3.  Their kid’s meals are awesome.

Not to mention, the food is actually decent.  And, they have onion rings.  And, did I mention Blizzards?

Seriously.  For $5, your kid gets an “entree” (burger, hot dog or chicken strips), a side (applesauce, whole banana or fries) and ice cream (Dilly bar, ice cream sandwich or $0.50 off a mini Blizzard).  I’d so much rather pump my kid full of sugar than give him more little toys.

We like to get the mini Blizzard and share it.  That way, Bug only gets a little bit of sugar and Hubby & I can get a little sugar fix, too.

Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited “DQ is awesome” post.  They have no clue I exist.


4 thoughts on “The DQ

  1. That last picture is my favorite! The burgers at DQ seem more like real meat than McD’s. I could be wrong and it’s just clever marketing on their part. Oh well. A little ice cream does a body good 🙂

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