BBBBQ Atlanta 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I took my first ever trip by myself since Bug was born.  Well, not really by myself, since I was with my friends, but sans Hubby AND the Bug.  It was amazing.  Obviously, I missed my boys, and there were a million times when I thought how much Hubby would have loved our adventure, but still… amazing.  Where did I go, you ask?

Well, internet friends, I went to the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival in Atlanta with my group of girls and Walt to celebrate the fact the we are all turning 30 this year.  Starting on the left, we have Mel, whom we all met in college.  Moving on clockwise, we have Lucy (met in high school), Walt (Ryan’s hubby… met in college), Millie (met in 6th grade… she is Bug’s Godmomma), me and Ryan down there at the bottom (met when I was 3… my oldest friend!).  That guy in the back is Todd.  I just met Todd, but he’s friends with Walt & Ryan and is downright hilarious.  It was pretty much Walt and his 5 wives all weekend.  We were all lucky to have him around to protect us and to make us laugh.

The festival was awesome.  Lots of beer, lots of bourbon, lots of bacon and whole pig.  We drank from noon until 6pm.  We laughed so hard we had to sit on the ground.  We added to memories that started as a group almost twenty years ago.  Two weeks later, we are still keeping a Facebook message alive with quotes and things that we are randomly remembering.  I would say more and show more pictures, but how appropriate for a family blog is a day of college-like partying?  As I said above, I missed my boys… and I really wished Hubby could be there to join in the fun… but sometimes a trip on your own can still be totes awes, obvi.


4 thoughts on “BBBBQ Atlanta 2012

  1. That sounds like such a great festival! We need one of those in St Louis. I turned 30 a few months ago and it’s not so bad. I hear 31 is worse though so I’m not looking forward to that so much.

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