Beach Days Are Here Again

I know I have posted about the beach before.  Like here. And here.  Oh, and here & here.  Trust me, this won’t be the last time either.  If you’re new here, let me fill you in on something.  We live in a beach town in southwest Florida.  You know, the part of the country where it got below 40 like twice all winter.  The part of the country that allowed Bug & I to swim IN THE OCEAN on March 1st.  It’s pretty much summer here already.  Crazy town.  I love it.

So far this month, we’ve been to the beach twice and the pool twice and the splash pad downtown twice.  My kid WILL be tan by the end of the summer, darnit.  I say this, but it won’t happen.  Have you seen my kid?  Ghost-baby-Casper-white all around.  It doesn’t help that we load him up with the 70 spf and make him wear a rash guard most of the time.  Hubby and I are both fair-skinned frecklies (especially Hubs), so we pretty much wrote off our kid being tan before he was even conceived.  We also wrote him our of any sports where you have to be bigger than 5′ 9″ and 150 pounds.  Poor guy.  Soccer & surfing are pretty much his only hopes.

Anywho, back to the beach.  We kind of have a good beach routine down.  We play up in the sand first.  I get Bug a bucket full of water and we get the sand wet and make sand castles (and destroy them, obvi).

Then, we head down to the water’s edge and dig in the wet sand there a little bit.  Sometimes we pick up sand and throw it around… but never at people… because we don’t throw sand at people, Eli. Then, Bug makes a beeline for the water.  He’ll straight up run right in until his head is underwater.  Who cares that he can’t swim yet?  Not Bug!  Who cares that the water is still pretty darn chilly?  Not Bug!  Who cares that Momma LOATHES cold water?  Not Bug!

Is it beach/pool/splash pad weather where you are?


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