Best Buddies

Bug has a best buddy.  His name is Ben.  Ben is incredibly smart, which hopefully will rub off on Bug.  Seriously.  Kid speaks better than any 2 year old I know.  Bug could certainly use a little help in that area.

Ben & Bug go to school together.  They became fast friends when Bug started back in September.  After only a couple weeks of Bug being there, Ben would come up in the morning and say, “Eli hug?” and give Bug a big ole squeeze.  Bug wasn’t too sure about this at first, but eventually he gave in and squeezed right back.  One day, when Bug had been attending preschool for a month or so, his teacher told me that he and Ben spent the afternoon sitting next to each other babbling back-and-forth and making each other laugh.  I remember thinking how cool it would be if Ben & Buggy had one of those friendships that lasted their entire lifetimes.  I met one of my closest friends when we were 3 and I would love for Bug to have that!

Bug gets super excited when he sees Ben outside of school (queue happy dance) and recently, we’ve gotten the boys together for some play dates, which has been so much fun.  It is amazing to see the little bromance developing between these two kiddos.  They have little conversations and probably little inside jokes.  In fact, they are probably already plotting how to take over their school.  Little masterminds.


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