The Night-Night Kid

Please don’t hate me for what I am about to say.

My kid loves to go night-night.  You read that right.  Bug actually LIKES to go to bed.  Just like his Daddy, that one.  I’m not just talking about at night either… he enjoys taking naps, too.  I know, I know.  We’ve got it rough.

Case in point: yesterday, I get Bug down from the table after lunch and tell him to go play for a few minutes before naptime while Momma cleaned up the kitchen.  He runs off.  About 30 seconds later I hear him whining and fussing in his room.  I go in and see him trying his darndest to climb into his crib… all the time whining “niiiiggghhhh-niiiiggghhh” as sadly as he possibly could.  I, being the wonderful mother that I am, laughed while I put him in his crib.  He happily curled up on his tummy, snuggled Bud and I covered him with his blanket.  He was asleep within 4 minutes with a smile on his face.

This happens at night, too.  Our bedtime routine is to take a bath, read 3 books and then drink some milk while we say prayers and sing a song or two.  Some nights, Bug wants to skip sing-along time altogether.  He’ll give you his milk, say “all done” and then point to his crib and say “nigh-nigh” over and over until you put him to bed.  He’s hit his wall, folks.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t times when naptime or bathtime comes around and he doesn’t want to stop playing.  That happens quite often, actually.  He’ll break down and start crying as soon as you utter the word nap.  But as soon as you get him into his room, the crying stops, the smiling starts and he snuggles right down to go to sleep.

I can only imagine his preschool teachers reading this and thinking I am making the whole thing up.

How does your kid deal with going night-night?


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