The Imitator

Bug is a big imitator. I mean, he’s a toddler, so imitation pretty much comes with the territory.  Up until today, however, he has only imitated humans.

We were hanging out at my parent’s house today, playing outside.  They live on a few acres and have horses, which makes it the perfect place for a boy to go play and get dirty.  Also perfect is the fact that my in-laws live about a block from the beach… Bug gets the best of both worlds.  Anyways, we’re playing in the barn and Bug decides he wants to go say hey to Ellie, who is my mom’s sweet mare.  I pick him up and we walk out to the pasture to pet her and talk to her… Bug makes horsey  neighs to her, of course.  As we head back in, he asks to be put down, so I oblige.  He starts walking like a horse, on hands and feet.  I walk like a horse with him, which I’m sure was super attractive.  All the while Ellie is still grazing nearby.  All of a sudden, my little imitator reaches his head down and bites a chunk of grass… just like Ellie.  You guys, I died.  I was laughing so hard it was hard to get the grass out of his mouth. 

Obviously, we then had a talk about not eating grass and also not eating off the ground with our mouths, because I can totally see him putting human food on the floor just so he can eat like the horse.


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