The Obligatory Easter Post 2012

Easter pretty much dominated our weekend… as it should have, because, well, Easter is pretty darn important.  Jesus rose from the dead, people… kind of a big deal.  I don’t really talk about my faith on this here blog, and I’m not going to get into it now either.  Just know that I love Jesus and do my best to have a heart for Him.


Onto our weekend of festivities.  I managed to forget my real camera all weekend, so all of these kind of fuzzy pictures are from my phone.  Saturday, we went to Buggy’s school, which also happens to be our church, for an Easter egg hunt.  They lots of crafts set up for the kids, which was very fun.  Bug’s favorite was the sugar cookie that he got to decorate.  And eat.  Hence the chocolate frosting all over his face.  He was sweet enough to share bites with Momma & Daddy.


They also had a bounce house set up, which was awesome, obvi.  This was Bug’s 2nd time in a bounce house (3rd if you count the first time, where he freaked and immediately got out) and after a couple moments of trepidation, he was all about it.  That sweet little thing in pink next to him is one of his buddies from preschool.  There were a bunch of kids from his class there, which Bug loved.  It is so cute to when these little guys see each other outside of their classroom setting.  They all get SO EXCITED.


They had egg hunts set up for different age groups, which was great, because Bug is not the fastest egg collector.  Each egg he picked up, he opened to make sure there was a treat inside, then he’d close it back up and put it in his basket.  It took us 10 minutes to get 10 eggs.  One of his classmates starting bringing him eggs from her basket, because she had so many it was overflowing.


Sunday morning, we dressed Bug in the cutest, sweetest, most preppy outfit ever and headed to church.  We (including my parents) then spent the afternoon at my in-laws, complete with Honey Baked Ham for lunch.  The Easter bunny didn’t come to our house… he went to Nana & Pop’s house instead.  Here’s what was in Bug’s Easter basket (which was a compilation from Easter bunny Nana, Easter bunny Grandma & Easter bunny Momma):

  • Cars
  • Easter Cookies
  • Squirt gun noodles
  • And M&M fan
  • Bubbles
  • Curious George Coloring Book
  • Curious George Easter Book
  • Mercer Mayer Easter Book
  • Jelly Bean filled Elmo eggs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Sports Elmo (not pictured)

Dude. Made. Out.  We tried to keep it low on the sugary stuff, which was a good plan, except for Bug spent the rest of the day sticking his little hand into OUR baskets for jelly beans!


The M&M fan blew his mind.  Ha.  Pun not intended.  Until I realized that I made a pun… so I guess it remains intended.


Bug’s a big Elmo fan and also a big sports fan, so this is a perfect first Elmo doll for him.  It has shapes and colors on the shirt and sings a little song about them.  We only had to play the song 27 times today.


The big Easter basket hit was the golf clubs, which the Easter bunny might have picked up at Walmart for SIX DOLLARS.  Not even on sale!  Only thing is, Bug insists on calling it baseball.  We’re working on it.

The only thing we didn’t do was dye Easter eggs.  I bought the stuff to do it, but we never got a chance this past week.  Whoopsies.

What did you do for Easter?


2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Easter Post 2012

  1. My inlaws gave us that same Elmo doll and we have never turned it on. The longer he goes without Elmo, the happier mama is. I already get to listen to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse cd several times a day and hearing Donald Duck sing a few songs is quite enough for me. Looks like you guys had a great Easter!

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