Bug. Of the Stomach Variety.

This post talks about puke.  And poop.  You’ve been warned.

Over the weekend, Bug had a mild stomach bug, which apparently hit 8 out of 10 kids in his preschool class.  Saturday, he was super mellow.  Sunday, he threw up just once first thing in the morning and then wouldn’t eat anything all day.  This is the first he has ever puked, but thankfully it was just a little bit and it was before breakfast… read: not much in the vault to propel outwards.  He ran a low fever (100.1) during the day Sunday and then it popped up to 102 in the middle of the night, but he handled it like a champ.  I was gone from 9am Saturday until 7pm Sunday working an event and the pangs in my heart from not being with my sick baby were pretty intense.  I kept him home from school Monday and he was still very mellow, but very happy (yay for happy sick babies!).  Hubby came home form work a little early so that I could go to work and then Bug had diarrhea in the tub.  Sidenote: Bug has pooped in the tub 3 times.  Once with a babysitter (sorry, Anna) and twice with Hubby.  Bahahaha.  That’s going to come back to bite me.

Yesterday was my day off.  Thank. The. Lord.  Bug was feeling better, though still pretty much in mellow-town, which was a very good thing.  Why?  Because around lunchtime, I started feeling queasy.  I ate two bites of my sandwich and realized I probably shouldn’t eat anymore.  I was feeling so nauseous by naptime that I had a hard time putting Buggy down.  After that, I vomited every hour until about 7pm.  Oh, and the chicken poops set in, too.  Let me throw in here that evidently, after my baby has been sick, he needs to sleep it off.  He usually wakes up between 7:30-8 on weekdays and sometimes will sleep until 9 on the weekends, if we are super lucky.  Yesterday, he slept until 10:15.  And then, he napped from 1 until almost 4.  That’s close to 3 hours.  On a particularly busy day, he will nap 2 hours at home.  Those 3 hours of naptime yesterday?  Necessary for a pukey Momma.  Anyways, Hubby came home from work with Gatorade and sent me to bed with a fever of 100.1.  Thanks, Hubs (no really, thanks… you’re awesome).  Another sidenote: up until that point I’d been sipping on Pedialyte, because that’s what we had.  Doesn’t taste bad going down, but it tastes like rotten metal coming back up.  That’s the best way I can describe it.

I took the day off of work today and we sent (read: Hubby took) Bug back to school).  I have gotten out of bed long enough to make some toast (futile… trust me) this morning and then again at 4 to take a shower.  Not eating for 2 days makes your body WEAK.  I’m not sure which is worse… the regular flu where you are feverish and achy or a stomach bug.

Enough about me and the pity party I have thrown myself for being sick.  As much as it has sucked being sick, I’m kind of glad that I at least understand how my baby was feeling.  Weird thing about motherhood, huh?  Also, I am so extremely thankful that my bout with this awesome illness was worse than Bug’s.  I am so thankful that he only threw up one time.  I very rarely get sick beyond a cold and I’ve never had a stomach bug like this.  In hindsight, this experience might actually help me help Bug in future illnesses.

In closing… puking sucks.


7 thoughts on “Bug. Of the Stomach Variety.

  1. Poor Bug and mama! Glad you guys are on the mend. Its so hard to watch your little guy be sick i feel so helpless, which i hare We had a similar experience last year and my husband told me, as I’m hanging over the toilet, that he hadn’t seen me puke this much since college. He was lucky I was too busy to punch him.

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