Dizzy Dragons

Can you see that happy little boy in that rapidly spinning dragon?  The dragon that was spinning faster than any other?  That’s my almost-2-year-old.  These are the rides that he prefers.  Sadly, this is pretty much the only ride he’s tall enough to ride.  His mother?  The one not in the picture?  She can barely even watch the Dizzy Dragons without wanting to yerph.  Suffice it to say that me and the teacups are NOT friends.

Also?  The ominous sky in the background?  Yeah.  Torrential downpour + Sarasota County Fair = Mudfest.

Do your kids like the crazy fast fair rides that make me vomit?  Do YOU like them?


2 thoughts on “Dizzy Dragons

    • I know! I am obviously never going to be able to take to a park by myself… well, at least until he’s old enough to go by himself. 🙂

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