Things Happen in Threes… Right? RIGHT?

1.  Two weeks ago Bug had the stomach bug.  So did I… and Hubby, my mom, my in-laws, 80% of Bug’s preschool class and half of my staff at work.  I wrote about it here.

2.  Last Wednesday, Bug got sent home from school with pink eye.  I didn’t write about it.  Hubby took him to the doctor, got him the drops (a.k.a. Satan to a toddler, by the way) and it cleared up in a couple of days.  Hubby’s eyes got itchy.  My mom got it.  If you said the word doctor, Bug would start saying “eyes.”

3.  All weekend, Bug had a fever.  He was happy and didn’t have any other symptoms.  Took him to the doctor Monday.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first ear infection.  His pediatrician was impressed by what a good boy he was while she was looking at his ears.  Didn’t make a peep… just a funny face.  Got him antibiotics (FREE at Publix… woot!) and his fever is gone.  Thank goodness this one isn’t contagious, because we’d all be sick for sure if it was.  Also, now if you say doctor, he says “ear ouchy.”  I’m not sure if his ears ever really hurt that bad though, because he didn’t start saying that until the doc asked if his ear was ouchy.

So we’ve had 3 illnesses/health issues in 2 weeks.  I’m hoping that’s all for awhile.  Of course, as I write this I am reminded how incredibly lucky we are that we haven’t been plagued by many health problems with Bug.  I know so many other babies that have crazy allergies, need constant medication and have even had open heart surgeries.  So, I guess I should be thanking God for a healthy child who is developing a strong immune system… and I should be praying for continued health and a strong, safe life for my little prince.


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