The Boss of Me

When I was little, I used to tell my parents, “You’re not the boss of me!”  Actually, I think I said “voss,” but you catch my drift.  These days, I find myself saying that same exact phrase, and I find myself saying it quite often.  In all reality, digging deep, Bug iskind of the boss of me.  He dictates when I wake up most mornings and when I eat lunch and what activities are going to happen on any given day.  That’s not what this post is about, though.  You see, Bug has become quite the bossy little mister.  He may or may not get that from me.

Bug’s mastery of the English language is rapidly improving, and the words and phrases that most often escape his lips are directions.  For Momma.  This is what I’ve heard so far this morning:

  • Momma, that way! (Referring to where he wanted me to carry him after I picked him up from his crib.  I obviously don’t know that I should bring him to the breakfast table, because we don’t have the same routine every morning or anything.)
  • Momma, eat them! (Referring to blueberries that he didn’t want to eat.)
  • Momma, get up! (Referring to not wanting me to sit down to fold laundry.)
  • Momma, do it! (Referring to wanting me to put in a puzzle piece.  And hit a golf ball.  And shoot a basketball.  And seventeen other things that I apparently needed to to doright now.)
  • Momma, right here! (Referring to exactly where I should stand when shooting the basketball.)
  • All of these come on top of the long-ago mastered “more!”

I would like to make it known that just because my son is very bossy doesn’t mean that we always give in to his demands.  We try pretty hard to explain to him that just because he tells us to do something doesn’t mean that we have to do it.  Sometimes, Momma doesn’t want to eat the slobbery blueberries that you just took out of your mouth, son.  This is kind of a difficult dichotomy, because we don’t want him to think that just because Mom & Dad don’t always follow his directions doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to follow our directions for him.  For the most part, our directions for him aren’t just things we want him to do… they are things like brush your teeth, put on your shoes, eat lunch, clean up your toys, etc.  I do try to let him win small battles sometimes so that he doesn’t feel like a complete slave.

The other part of him being so bossy is that he sounds so darn impolite!  We are really encouraging the use of “please” and “thank you” when he bosses.  “Momma, get up, please” sounds so much nicer!  In general his little manners are good, so this is just a continuance of things we’ve already taught him.  On that note, I love when we tell him to do something that he doesn’t want to do.  He’ll say “no, thank you.”  Like tacking on that thank you will make us say, “Oh, no problem, Buddy.  You don’t have to take a bath just because you said thank you.”  Funny guy.

Are your kids bossy pants like mine?


5 thoughts on “The Boss of Me

  1. We’re working on “please” and “thank you”. It’s not going so well but I think that’s just part of being a toddler. Mike and I use these phrases when we talk to each other so we’re hoping he catches on. Mostly we’re focused on not hitting people. THAT’S been fun……

    • We’re working on the no hitting as well. The please & thank you will catch on, don’t worry. Eli isn’t allowed to have something unless he says please first.

  2. It is ll part of the plan. Kid gradually learns the rules and Mom and Dad gradually learn to be more patient and to “pick their battles.” At 2 kid’s behavior can be annoying and frustrating. At 10 (bike riding, skateboarding, swimming, fishing) the kid’s behavior can be dangerous to himself and others. The goal is for both parent and child to improve (Mom & Dad in parenting skills, kid in personal responsibility) as their life together becomes more complicated and (unfortunately) hazardous. Don’t worry, it will all work out! Like John Lennon said, all you need is love. 🙂

      • Siblings also help. The older helps discipline the younger (“Stop it! I’m telling Mom!”) while the younger seeks big brother/sister’s approval. I say this as both an “only” and a parent of 3! As far as your kid(s) controlling your schedule . . . That. Never. Stops. (But it’s soooo worth it!!).

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