Love Where I Live

There is usually one day a week where I take Bug to school at 9 and then I don’t have to be at work until 4. Usually on those days I get as much housework done as possible.  Today, though, I decided to take advantage of where I live.  I dropped Bug off and went for a run by the beach.  I brought a book and a towel and plan to spend the next hour or so laying on the sand.  I might even stand up long enough to go for a swim.


In other news, I turn 30 tomorrow.  More on that later.


7 thoughts on “Love Where I Live

  1. Trust me, 30 is not bad at all! You are just getting into your prime! Glad you are taking some time for yourself. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yay Mommy time! Yay birthday! You do realize that 1) everybody north of Florida hates you for being on the beach and 2) everybody north of 40 hates you for being so damn young! Nuts to them! Rock on!

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