I couldn’t come up with a good title.  Yo is all you get today.  Or, this week.  Here are my reasons excuses for not blogging this week”

  • My 30th birthday was Saturday.  Hubby threw me a kick-ass biker gang party.  Not what you think.  I am still recovering.  There will be a post about this.
  • Mother’s Day was Sunday.  Mother’s Day = busiest day of the year at work.  I am still recovering.  There will not be a post about this.
  • Bug & I are flying to Iowa this weekend (yes, Iowa) to visit my best friend Randi.  This week has included lots of little trips to the store to get things for our big trip… like snacks, stickers, Dramamine, nighttime diapers and the contact lens solution that I ran out of last night.  One trip should have sufficed, except for I am the biggest space cadet on the planet (yay mommyhood) and I forget things even when I make lists.  I should be packing at this very moment.  I will probably need a few days to recover from flying along with a toddler.  There will be a post(s) about this.

A lot of words are about to follow.  I feel like you needed that picture to prepare.

In other news, this morning was one of those lovely periods where Bug was testing every. single. limit.  Calmly saying, “No, we don’t fill-in-the-blank” a gajillion times in three hours is ohmygodsoexhausting.  “No, Eli, we don’t put our feet on the table” turns into barely touching a toe to the table, which totally still counts in Mommy’s book, which leads to threatening (calmly) time out, which leads toalmost touching a toe to the table with the most impish look you’ve ever seen (the look that screams “I’m not touching it, I’m not touching it, I’m not touching it!!”), which leads to Mommy ignoring the toddler, which leads to a different misbehavior.  Yay.

So, after our super trying morning… the one where Momma surprisingly kept her cool… we headed to the doctor’s office to check out a nasty cough that Bug’s been harboring for about a week.  For those that care (Great Nana, that’d be you), he just has a little respitory infection that would probably just work itself out.  But since we’re flying tomorrow, Dr. M. prescribed a Z-pak.  As we left, Bug really wanted to walk down the sidewalk the surrounds the office and touch the plants.  After a morning of him not being allowed to do anything he wanted to, a morning of hearing a lot of “no” and not a lot of “yes,” I decided to let him take his time.  Normally I scoop him up and put in right in the car, but I felt like he needed a minute to make the rules and decide where we were going.  Turns out he only needed like 5 minutes of that.  We talked about the leaves and flowers and what colors they were and how they grow.  He led me down the sidewalk and we played a little peek-a-boo around a bush.  And then, he was ready to get in the car.

We had to run a few errands after that and he was not only a very good boy, but a very fun boy as well.  We sang a lot, danced a lot, laughed a lot.  Mostly in the middle of Wal-Mart.  We had several strangers come up to us while we were eating lunch out to say what a well-behaved toddler he was being.  I wanted to say, “Well, you should’ve seen him this morning!”  Instead, I said thank you.  And Buggy said thank you, too.

I learned today that sometime you have to choose your battles and let the toddler make the rules.  It might just change the feeling of your whole day.


2 thoughts on “Yo

  1. I definitely learned to choose my battles with Sullivan. It’s not worth the stress to say “no” all the time plus they have to learn. I normally let him do most things as long as he won’t damage anything or hurt himself or anything else. And holy crap that mustache picture is AMAZING!!

    • Isn’t that picture awesome! You’ll see when I finally write my birthday post, but my sister-in-law had them for everybody at the party 🙂

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