I Turned 30

On May 12th, I turned 30.  No big deal.  Actually, I pretended to make a big deal about turning the Dirty Thirty.  In reality, I feel pretty good about being 30.  I don’t feel 30 and people keep telling me that I don’t look 30 (though they are probably just being nice to the old lady).  So, there.

Hubby (with some help from the rest of our family) helped make my birthday fantabulous.  He made me Eggs Benedict in the morning (my fave), then we went to our friend Grady’s first birthday roundup, which consisted of Hubby’s group of friends from high school, several of whom now have children within a year or so of Bug’s age.  I love that Bug will likely grow up with the children of people that his Daddy grew up with.

Then, we dropped Bug off at the In-laws and went golfing with my Daddy.  We just played 9, but it had been almost a year since I last played, so 9 is pretty much all my hands could take.  It was wonderful to spend some outdoor time with Hubby & Dad.  Hubby would prefer that we not talk about where his ball ended up after this shot, but I’ll give you a hint… see that large pond in front of him?

The plan at that point was to go home, get showered and dressed up all pretty, go to the In-laws to open some gifts and then go to a nice dinner at a place unbeknownst to me at 8:30ish.  All went as planned… until we got to my In-laws.  Where I saw like 15 cars.  We walked in to lots of friends dressed way more casually than myself.  I had Hubby help me pick out my clothes and thankfully he picked nice shorts instead of a dress.  Why is this important?

Because we were riding bikes.  See the pretty old-lady trike my sister-in-law decorated for me?  Awesome.  That’s not a sarcastic awesome, either… I actually mean that bike was awesome.  Wait, let me rephrase… that bikelooked awesome.  It was actually a pain in the butt to ride, because it only had one speed.

Let me explain a little.  My In-laws live really close to all of the bars & restaurants in our little town.  Hubby found enough bikes for 10 of us to ride bikes around town.  My oldest friend Ryan and her husband Walt drove down from Gainesville, plus a bunch of our other wonderful friends joined us.  We rode to dinner first.  On the beach.  Can’t ask for much else.  Except for Patron.  Which I didn’t have to ask for.  (Thanks, Matt.)  After dinner we rode to a couple of bars… at one of which Hubby had a beautiful cake.  Several other friends met us out after dinner.  I felt so incredibly loved.  I am pretty sure I showed everyone how much I loved them, too.  Tequila does that to me.

I should probably also explain that my sister-in-law had mustaches for everybody.  They were a big hit.  That chicky up there?  That’s Ryan.  We’ve been friends for 27 years.  That is a long time.  That group throwing the shocker?  We’ve all been friends for 19 years.  That is also a long time.  I am so blessed that they were there to celebrate with me.

Best birthday ever.

Also, my baby looks awesome with a ‘stache.


2 thoughts on “I Turned 30

  1. First, Happy Birthday! 30 wasn’t so bad but I’m not looking forward to 31 this fall. Second, the pictures of Bug are awesome! The first one is perfect for the wanted poster and the mustache one, I die. That’s a keeper!

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