Bug’s 2nd Birthday

Holy crap, people.  Bug is TWO.  There are moments when I can’t believe that he’s been in our lives for two whole years already.  Then, there are moments when I feel like he’s always been with us.  There are moments when he still looks like a baby.  Then, there are (increasingly more) moments when he looks like such a big kid.  Those last four sentences couldn’t have been more cliche.  Sorry.

I think that Bug had a pretty darn good birthday.  Lucky for him, his birthday fell on a Saturday.  Actually, he could really care less at this age what day his birthday falls on.  We started the day by letting him open gifts from family.  His big gifts were a T-Ball Set and a Basketball Hoop.  Bug is a big fan of both.

For his party, we threw his two main loves into one… a sports themed pool party.  (I almost wrote poo party.  Ha.)  I was super excited to make football, basketball and baseball cupcakes for my little man.  Bug was also a big fan of these puppies.  **Side note: buttercream frosting is TOUGH in hot, humid Florida.  That’s why it looks so darn shiny.  Argh.**

We had a few of Buggy’s little friends over to our community pool, where we grilled out, swam and played in the fountain area.  Hubby set up a little area with the basketball hoop, golf clubs & t-ball, plus every ball that we own.

Bug boy had so much fun showing off his swimming skills and hanging out with everybody that he loves.  Oh, and he got to eat 2 cupcakes.  That was pretty much the highlight of his day.

We had a football pinata, which was awesome at first.  Bug totally got that you took hits at the football with a bat.  However, Bug totally did NOT get that the football was going to bust open.  That was very upsetting to him.  I don’t have a picture of him crying when the football got destroyed, but trust that he was in tears.  Poor thing.  That was not the highlight of his day.  He did enjoy the m&ms that came out, though.

We ended the day with a good, long nap, followed by more gift opening, playing in the sweet airplane tent from Scary Uncle Adam, dinner & the Lion King.  I’m tellin’ ya… pretty much the best 2-year old birthday ever.


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