Homemade Citrus Rosemary Butter

1.  See that pretty red mixer below?  I got her for my birthday.  I love her.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.  I haven’t named her yet.  Any suggestions?

2.  Did you know that it is stupidly easy to make butter at home?  Right now, you’re probably all like, “Yes, Casey, I did know how easy it is to make butter.  You’re a baker.  How did you not know this?”  Apparently I’ve been hiding under a you-only-get-butter-at-the-store rock for thirty years, because I seriously thought butter was difficult to make.  Turns out you don’t even need a butter churn.

3.  Although butter is easy to make all by yourself, it is not actually cost-effective.  It is less expensive to buy butter at the store… plus, it lasts longer.  It is, however, a fun experiment and something I suggest that you try at least once.

You really only need one ingredient to make butter – heavy cream.  I wanted to make my butter a little fancier.  So, here’s what I used:

  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon Ctirus Spice from the Spice & Tea Exchange
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary

Put all of the ingredients in a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.  COVER WITH A TOWEL.  Trust me on this one… it gets messy.

Mix on medium-high to high for 2-3 minutes… peeking in from time to time.  The fat separates from the liquid pretty quickly, so just watch it.

Once the fat is separated from the liquid, strain it.  The liquid that remains is technically buttermilk, though it isn’t think like regular buttermilk that you buy at the store, so I’m not sure how well you could substitute it in baking.  And anyways, this particular buttermilk is full of the essence of rosemary & citrus & is rather salty, so it would probably be best utilized in bread.

Once you have strained the liquid, rinse your hands in cold water.  Run the butter under cold water, squeezing it into a ball and squeezing the excess moisture out of it.  Once the water runs clear, you’re all done.  Slight problem with this step for me… in Florida in the summer, our water is neverreally cold.  Made it a little melty.

The butter was, in short, delicious.  I sauteed some shrimp in it.  I coated corn on the cob with it.  I used it to brown some tortillas in a pan.  Awesome.

Oh… and as far as yield is concerned… a pint of cream will get you just about 2 sticks (aka 16 tablespoons/1 cup/8 ounces).  It will last in the freezer for a couple of months, or in the fridge for only about 5 days.

You can totally get creative with this.  I’m thinking maybe a cinnamon & sugar butter to use with grits & toast.  What do you think?

Have you ever made your own butter?


One thought on “Homemade Citrus Rosemary Butter

  1. Um….yum! I only made butter in girl scouts when I was ten and we just shook cream in a baby food jar. I’m glad to see it’s actually classier than that. I actually just add my herbs to regular butter (not the fake crap butter). Cinnamon and sugar is so good on warm bread and we do garlic and herb for our steaks.

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