Surfer Boy

I would like to start by saying that yesterday was the first time we’d seen the sun in almost a week.  The clouds started last Thursday, followed by 5 straight days of nothing but wind and rain.  Thank you, Tropical Storm Debby.  Now, if you live in Washington or, say, Alaska, you might be used to not seeing the sun for 5 days.  Spending pretty much my whole life in Florida, I am NOT okay with no sunshine.  Yesterday’s sun (and accompanying heat) was welcome.

Tropical Storm Debby not only threw wind and rain our direction, but also waves.  Hubby is a surfer and got to spend the entire day Sunday surfing some of the best waves the west coast of Florida has seen in quite some time.  Saturday, the waves were smaller, but still pretty well formed, so we decided to take Bug for his first surf session.

We started by having him sit on a board while Hubby & I swam & pulled the board to the sand bar… where the little waves were breaking.  The plan was for Hubby to push him into a wave & for me to be on the receiving end should he fall.  2 problems with this plan: 1) Bug was not excited about being on the board by himself and 2) the tide was so high that I could barely stand on the sand bar… treading water for an hour was NOT going to happen.  We didn’t want him to be scared of the situation, and I didn’t want to drown, so we ended up going back to shore with me swimming and Hubby paddling on the board with Bug on front.  He paddled Bug around for a while and tried to have him stand on the board for a minute.

After a little break, we decided to take him out with 2 boards… Hubby & Bug on one and then me on another.  This worked out SO much better!  Hubby & Bug caught one decent wave, and Buggy loved every bit of the 6 second thrill ride.  I was on the inside, waiting to dive off and grab him if fell off (don’t worry, he had a life vest on, too).  He did fall off a couple of times, but each time he wanted to get right back on and do it again.  There was a lot of excited squealing going on.

Bug’s first surf session was a huge success.  It was also a dream come true for Hubby.  Surfing is Hubby’s one true passion.  To the point of all plans will be cancelled if there is surf… with the exception of childbirth.  Ever since we found out I was pregnant, you could just see him playing a video in his mind of taking his kid surfing for the first time.  God help any child of ours who doesn’t like water.

“I’mma go surfin” is now the new favorite phrase in our house.

When did you first share your passions with your children?  When did they first participate?


8 thoughts on “Surfer Boy

  1. Love these pictures! Sully loves the water as long as he can do his own thing. He refuses to be held. Of course that could also just be the phase he’s in right now. He gets to experience the ocean for the first time in a few months. If you wanted sun, I would have been happy to trade you for a week. We’re getting nothing but sun here and temps above 100 all freaking week. ugh.

  2. Oh that is so adorable! I took a surfing class once and got on the board all of… one time lol. It’s okay it was still fun, and I still love the beach and anything water. I’m kind of afraid that my little guy isn’t into swimming since he hates getting water in his eyes during bath time. I’m about to take him out on a swim this weekend so we’ll see if he still hates water. Last summer he was all about swimming but you never know with these phases!

    • I think they key with water is not making them do anything they are uncomfortable with. Even with Eli surfing… he LOVES water, but he was obviously uncomfortable on the board by himself, so we came in and tried again with something he was more comfortable with.

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