Just about every month, Bug changes the way he says yes.  Like, literally changes the way he speaks it.  Here’s the rundown thus far:

  • “Yes”  Good.  Correct.
  • “Dope”  It sounded a lot like nope, and we could only tell the difference because he would nod when he meant yes.
  • “Yes”  Again, good.
  • “Jess”  Say this to yourself, but scrunch up your nose, drag it out and make yourself sound as pained as possible.  It didn’t matter if he said yes to a cookie, it sounded like every jess came from somewhere deep within an anguished soul.
  • “Yes”  Are you sensing a pattern?
  • “Yeah”  This is the current verbiage.  At first, it was cute.  Actually, it still is pretty darn cute.  However, I’m not sure that I’m okay with the casualness.  Not exactly polite, ya know?

**Side note:  This picture has nothing to do with this post.  It was just cute.  He HAD to wear these gloves to hold the ball.**

The funny thing about the whole yes thing is that he doesn’t really do this with any other words.  For example: no is always and has always been no… well… except for like 3 days last month where his no sounded like a dying cat.  Thank God that didn’t last long.

Here’s hoping that the pattern continues and “yes” will soon reappear.


2 thoughts on “Yes.

  1. I’m sitting here laughing so hard at your post. “Dope”?! Oh man that’s just awesome. And “jess…” haha. Then you had to tell the story of him needing to wear those oversized knitted gloves to hold the ball. Okay, my tummy hurts from laughing now 🙂

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