Up until Tuesday, I had heard of Instagram.  I had seen people’s pictures from Instagram.  I had even once tried to download Instagram on my phone, but that was back when it was only available on the iPhone.  Now, it is available on Android phone.  It probably has been for, like, forever, which, if you didn’t know, is approximately 3 months in technology-time.  As of Tuesday, I am now an Instagramer.  It’s a word.  It’s even a website.  So, even though you can follow me on Instagram or follow my Instagrams on Twitter or on Facebook, I thought each week I’d share the photos I’ve taken here as well.  This would be mostly for those that don’t believe in Facebook.  Like my mother.


This is my very first Instagram.  Bug was running around the house like a wildman, giggling like crazy.  This picture is blurry.  Mostly because my subject is 2.  Also because the camera on my phone is not awesome.


We play with Legos a lot at our house.  Bug has commissioned from me a “big barn,” which is one of four things he usually asks for.  The others are airplanes, robots & pirate ships.  While I am building away, he is busy making the above creatures and positioning them just as they are in the picture.  I asked him what they were… “Bug, are those airplanes?”  He said, “No.  That Daddy.  That Momma.”  I died.  Daddy is on the left.  He is wearing a hat, which Bug was quite insistent about.  Apparently I have a blue head.  No big deal.


Yesterday morning, I walked into the playroom to get Bug dressed for school.  This is what I see.  Diapers make good guy holders.


On our way out the door to go to school.  “CHEESE!”  Scary Uncle Adam thinks the creature on this shirt looks like a sea turtle alien.

Do you Instagram?


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