I Whoa You

I think that Buggy is beginning to understand the concept of love.  I’m here to tell you right now that love is a difficult concept to teach.  It isn’t so much something that you can explain to a toddler.  I mean, you can try to explain the way your heart feels like it wants to explode because you love somebody so much, but I don’t think the two year old is quite going to get it.  He doesn’t exactly know what a heart is (the organ, not the shape… he knows that).  Love is more something that you have to show a toddler.  There is a John Mayer song called “Love Is A Verb.”  That sentence in and of itself exemplifies how to teach love to a little guy.  You have to actively show him.

All of that to say that I think Bug is starting to get it.  We tell him we love him all the time, and for quite awhile he’s been repeating it back to us.  “I love you, buddy” was returned with an “I whoa you, Momma.”  (MELT.)  Lately, though, there’s been more to it than that.  He’ll come up and give an unsolicited hug followed by an unsolicited “I whoa you.”  And, to top it off, he’ll get that super soft look in his eyes.  That look of love.  It makes me tear up every. single. time.

A couple of days ago, Bug was in the car with my mom & dad (Grandma & Papa).  My mom said, “Eli, can you say ‘I love you, Grandma?'”  He responded with, “I whoa you Grandma and Papa and Momma and Daddy.”  When she told me that, I almost lost it.  My sweet, sweet baby.

When did your kids start to “get” love?


6 thoughts on “I Whoa You

  1. Oh holy crap, that is adorable! We tell Sully we love him all the time but he just yells “truck” at us so I don’t think he quite gets it yet but I’m excited for the day when he finally does.

  2. I forget when he actually gave his own unsolicited hugs and kisses, but I remember I could just about have cried (probably did, too). He just went up to me and gave me a big ol’ hug out of nowhere, then went back to his own business again haha. I think it’s so cute he says “I whoa you…” aww!

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