The Mama Group

You guys.  I kind of, sort of joined a Mommy Group.  I mean, it’s not exactly an official, organized, we-meet-each-and-every-Wednesday-at-10am-and-do-stuff-that-you-usually-do-in-a-Mommy-Group kind of group, but it’s kind of a Mommy Group nonetheless.  (I’m going to try to work in “Mommy Group” as many times as I can in this post, k??)  It’s more of a couple-of-Mamas-in-my-neighborhood-that-started-a-Facebook-page-so-we-can-all-get-our-kids-together-to-play kind of group.  And, it’s awesome.  Thus far, Bug and I have met them at the neighborhood pool twice for swimming & lunch & more swimming.

Ya’ll should be proud.  You see, I am not exactly a go-out-there-and-meet-new-people kind of person.  (I’m also going to try to use as many hyphens as possible in this post.)  I am kind of shy in new situations with new groups of people.  My close friends are probably tilting their heads at that sentence, but it’s true.  If I am not surrounded by people that I know, then I have a hard time breaking out of my shell.  Once you know me, I am pretty outgoing.

Actually, outgoing may not be the word.  Ballsy might be more like it.  Example: I am a great wingchick.  If we are out somewhere and you see a hot guy… or girl… whatever floats your boat (when was the last time you said that?)… but you don’t have the balls to go talk to them, I will gladly do it for you.  Another example:  At my friend Ryan’s bachelorette party, we had those Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare Cards… you know, the kind that dare you to do silly things and you get points for completing the dare.  Or the truth.  Or whatever.  Anyways, there was a card that dared you to drink a stranger’s drink without asking first.  Nobody would do that card but me.  I’m pretty sure it was worth 100 points.  I’m also pretty sure I finished off some guy’s vodka tonic, which I am not a fan of, as evidenced by my face:

Yes, that is the actual picture from 2006, taken directly after downing said vodka tonic.  Thank you, Facebook.

Back to the whole point of this post… I am super excited that I sucked it up and was my own wingchick concerning the group of neighborhood Mamas.  I have never been super keen on the Mommy Group thing, mostly because it makes me nervous.  I tried doing some classes at our local library, but I had a hard time making myself meet the other moms & kids there, and to be honest, they didn’t seem that interested in meeting us, either.  With this group, I’ve met some really nice moms who are my age and live nearby.  Bug has met some kids that are adorable and well-behaved and around his age.  One of the little boys is almost 4 and is quite the swimmer.  Since we all know that Bug is an imitator, I view this as a fantastic plus and a great motivator for him to learn how to swim.

So, in short, turns out groups of other moms are actually pretty awesome.

**Side note – I like how the only picture in this post is of me immediately post-alcohol consumption.  I obviously need to take more pictures of my child.  Sorry, Great Nana.**

Are you a part of any Mommy Groups… official or not?


6 thoughts on “The Mama Group

  1. As the one that sort of initiated this said “mommy group”….I’m SO glad you come and I met you!!! 🙂 I had a similar experience at the library, by the way. And to Callie up there…..COME!!! Any mom is welcome, as long as she’s nice and her kids are cute. hehe.

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