Something Beautiful

Yesterday evening, we were at a playground.  Bug and I were playing and chasing each other when he spotted two little girls playing in the sand.  He walked up and said hi to them.  And that was it.  No more words were exchanged.  None were needed.  He sat down and started helping them build a sand castle (using the most primitive form of the word, seeing as we’re talking about toddlers here).  The three of them worked together, gathering sand with their hands, dumping it onto a mound and patting it smooth, adding sticks and leaves here and there.

For some reason, it struck me as a beautiful moment.  Beautiful because my toddler is at an age where he can play with others.  Beautiful because my child is brave enough to play with other children that he doesn’t know.  Beautiful because my sweet little boy was playing so sweetly with these girls… and not destroying their creation, but helping them create further.

It was also beautiful to be able to walk away, give him some space and just observe.


2 thoughts on “Something Beautiful

  1. That is so awesome. My little guy is hesitant around other kids right now, so I look forward to when he can approach others for play. Then again I’m always scared that they’ll pull a mean girls act and say, “get lost!” or something, eeks!

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