Stuff I Feed My Kid: It’s a Wrap!

One of my favorite blogs ever is Marriage Confessions.  Katie is the mother of two cutie pies… Bean is almost exactly 1 year older than Bug and Gracie is a year younger.  I love reading about how she deals with issues that Bean is going through and bookmarking them for when Bug goes through a similar phase.  She’s been a great resource, whether she knows it or not!  Anywho, she recently posted about this wrap that she has been feeding Bean for snacks.  This post is pretty much a repeat of hers, but I had to share! Take a whole wheat tortilla (or whatever kind you like) and spread it with peanut butter.  Stick a banana in the middle (cutting it in half helps keep it straight).  Sprinkle some granola or sunflower seeds for some crunch.  Sprinkle some raspberries or strawberries or cherries.  Wrap it all up!  Wrapping it in foil helps keep it all together.  I’ve found that splitting the banana in half lengthwise makes it a little easier to wrap up and a little easier for little mouths to eat.

As you can see, Bug is a fan.  Also as you can see, he picked out the cherries.  Silly monkey.  We’ve had these wraps for lunch several times over the last couple of weeks and he’s devoured them every. single. time.  He thinks they are so much fun to eat!  And, for reference, Bug only eats a half of one.  It’s a great way for him to get protein, whole grains & fruit all in one super yummy place.

I’m excited to try to get him to eat other things in wraps!


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