Fishin’ in Boca

I was all set to label this post as being Bug’s first fishing trip.  But then I remembered that we took him fishing last year.  Except for he didn’t actually fish… he just played in the pack-n-play in the boat.  Not that he really fished this time, either, but at least he was there and more involved than a year ago.

You see, Hubby & I love to fish.  I hadn’t been fishing in FOREVER and every time lately that Hubby has gotten to go, I haven’t been able to join him.  So, we carved out some time on a random Sunday a couple of weeks ago and took our little boat down to Boca Grande.  It was awesome.  We got up super early (and by that I mean 6:30… which is super early for me) and fished for a couple of hours before stopping at a cute little place on the water for brunch.  Buggy mostly just played in the boat, but he did fish a little bit with his Cars pole and helped me reel my line in.  He also got to touch the fish that we caught.

For awhile, when he was younger, Bug was very antsy in the boat.  He didn’t want to sit still while we were moving fast, which made it pretty much a pain to take him out on the water.  Now, though, he loves to sit on your lap while we are zipping around, which is SO much easier and so much fun.  He also likes to wear Daddy’s hat over his face (he can see through the little holes up top & thinks it’s hilarious).


2 thoughts on “Fishin’ in Boca

  1. His picture with the hat pulled down is so cute 🙂 You’re an inspiration to do stuff outdoors! We have sooo not taken my toddler anywhere near fishing, although I kept bugging my husband to at least take him with us to go on the boat bus near our place. I think I may have to convince him again for this following weekend before summer ends.

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