Week of Workouts: 7/29 – 8/4

So, there weren’t any traditional workouts this week. Why?  Well, because we were on vacation!  We drove up to North Carolina for the week, and though I brought running gear, I never once went running.  We did have a pretty active week, however.  Active enough to where my calves are still sore.

We arrived at about noon Wednesday and we were on the golf course by 2:00.  13 holes of mountain golf = exercise.  I know 13 holes is a weird number, but that is what we had time for.

On Thursday, we got in another round of 13 holes of golf in the morning.  Then, THEN, we went for an amazing 7 mile hike through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It took about 3 hours of us moving along at a pretty decent pace.  This would be where the sore calves come into play.  I would say 5.5 miles were downhill, which sounds easy until you realize that your 30 year old knees are 30 years old.

Friday we went tubing down Deep Creek, which involved probably a total of a mile or so of hiking uphill.

That’s it.  Vacation recap to come soon!


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