Instawhat – Week of 7/29


I am in love with this face.  Those eyes.  Those lips.  That little kissable nose.  THOSE CHEEKS.


All dressed up to go grocery shopping… the one glove is obviously a necessity.  This is a new favorite game.  Bug gets dressed up and then makes me get dressed up and then we line up all of his play food on that there red couch.  And then, surprise!, we “buy” all of the food and put it into the cart.  Oh, and also we buys things like rubber dolphins.


We drove to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina last week.  This was about an hour into the 10 hour drive that we completed on the way there.  You can totally tell that this was at like 3:00pm, right?


We left for our trip right around naptime on Tuesday… about 2:00… thinking that Bug would sleep in the car.  Wrong.  This was at 4:30.  He had JUST fallen asleep.  He was 3 bites into his snack when he just passed out.


That blueish square thing in the lower right corner is the portable dvd player that has saved our lives on car/plane trips.  That legless toddler in the car seat is my child watching (and singing) The Lion King on said dvd player.  He was really excited, hence the blurry missing legs.


This was at about 8:00.  Playing tag in a gas station parking lot right behind the dumpster. We’re classy like that.  What you can’t see is the clan of high schoolers in their clunkers that apparently use the other half of the gas station parking lot as a hang out spot.  Yay, Georgia.  Back story: We had decided to stop and let Bug run around a little bit to get some energy out so that he would hopefully go night-night in the car.  Which he did.  At around 10.  He was a super good boy… no fussing… just no sleeping either.


Day #2 of our road trip.  We stayed about an hour north of Atlanta on Tuesday night and so only had about 2 hours of driving to do on Wednesday.  Woot for that!  This was our first view of the Smokies.  Purty.


We stopped at an awesome farmer’s market just outside of Clayton, GA.  Bug was really excited about the peaches.


I, not being a huge peach fan, was much more excited about the rainbow of local heirloom tomatoes.  I wanted to taste test every. single. one.


Yay, mountain golf!  We arrived at our cabin at 11:30.  We ate lunch.  We settled Bug in with his Nana.  We were on our way to the golf course by 1:30.  The golf course that let Scary Uncle Adam wear a bright yellow tank top and multicolored board shorts and sandals.  The golf course that let us play with a sixsome.  The golf course that has a sign by the first tee that says “this golf course strongly discourages drinking and driving.”  Thank God they don’t prohibit it.  They might have kicked us out.  Also, why I don’t have a picture of that sign, I do not know.


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