Instawhat – Week of 8/12


We started off the week by celebrating Hubby’s birthday.  I made super yummy chicken empanadas for dinner, followed by super yummy carrot cake.  Hubby requests carrot cake every year.  One day, maybe I’ll share the recipe with you.  Maybe.


Bucket-headed glove-handed goofball.


On Saturday, Hubby, Bug and I spent an hour at Sports Authority.  It was better than Disney.


I mean, does Disney have a golf area set up for toddlers to swing real toddler sized golf clubs?  I don’t think so.


This was hilarious.  Bug walks up to this giant mannequin and just stands there, holding his hand.  Like he was going to walk with it around the store.  We started calling the mannequin “New Daddy.”


I went to sign onto Twitter and this was the “prove you aren’t a robot” screen that popped up.  I died laughing.  I showed this to some of my coworkers and now my nickname at work is Assbug.  I wish I was kidding.  Actually, no I don’t.  I kind of like it.


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