The Potty Plan

Folks, we have a potty plan.  Actually, let me reiterate that by saying we had a potty plan.  It was supposed to begin on on Thursday.  The original potty plan was postponed by Bug moving to the big boy 2-year-old class at school today.  New classroom + new teacher + new classmates = probably not a great time to potty train.  Way to think ahead, Mom.

Part 1 of the Original Potty Plan was to get Bug pumped up about the potty.  We bought him big boy underwear (which he calls “udderwears”), we posted a big piece of paper on the bathroom wall that says “Eli went potty!” that he gets to put a sticker on every time he potties, and we put together a special potty basket with potty books, stickers for the paper and a small bucket of M&Ms… one of which he gets each time he potties.

Part 2 of the Original Potty Plan was to use the timer method.  We had four days in a row where either me or Hubby could be home with Bug all day, so we were going to cold turkey the diapers during Bug’s awake time.  We were going to set a kitchen timer for every 15 minutes during day one.  Timer goes off, we go to the potty.  We sit there for 5-10 minutes.  Succeed or not, when we get off the potty we reset the timer for 15 minutes.  The next day we go 20 minutes, then 30, then day four we try not to use the timer at all.  I was super excited to get this potty thing done, but I realized (especially after talking to Bug’s current teachers) that it was probably best to wait until after he gets used to his new teacher before we go all hardcore with it.

Even though we decided to postpone the Original Potty Plan, we still decided to go through with part 1.  Wednesday night, before bathtime, we sat down with Bug in the bathroom and talked to him about going pee pee and poop in the potty and we set his basket up and he helped tape up the sticker paper.  He tried to go potty and we read his books while he sat there.  He was upset for like 10 seconds about not getting a “numanum” (M&M) after not being able to produce pee, but he got over it pretty quickly.  He took his bath and then tried to potty again, but this time didn’t really get upset when he didn’t get an M&M.

We obviously had done a pretty good job with getting him excited about this whole potty thing, because Thursday morning he wanted to try right away.  He had already peed in his diaper, though, so no pee pee in the potty, but no big deal.  He was pretty adamant about wearing his big boy underwear, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let him wear them at home.  This is when I decided on the Modified Potty Plan, which is pretty much to let him wear undies at home and take him to the potty often, in hopes that we’ll catch some pee action.  He peed in his underwear twice before naptime, both times telling me about .05 seconds before he peed that he had to go.  I was impressed that he told me at all.  No pee in the potty, though.  After naptime, we had to go to Nana’s house, so the diaper stayed on.  While this all may sound fine and good, I would like to add in here that Bug was whiny & complainy and Mr. No all day Thursday.

And this is where both the Original and the Modified Potty Plans have pretty much derailed.  Friday, Bug was anything but awesome.  Now, he has a tendency to be a whiny 2 year old, but this was something completely different.  I decided pretty early on Friday that there would be no potty training, as it would have been impossible with a crying, complaining, contradictory toddler.  It took me until about 11am to realize the issue.  Two year old molars… has already popped through with three right under the skin.  Sweet Jesus, thank you for Advil.

All tantruming aside, we are still offering the potty and letting Bug wear underwear whenever possible.  Both Thursday and Friday nights he peed in the potty right before bathtime.  BIG DEALS, internet friends.  There was much hooping & hollering & dancing and stickers and, of course, “numanums.”

We will continue with this modified course of action for the next few weeks as Bug gets settled into his new classroom at school.  I have four days off in a row near the end of September and we’ll decide then whether we need to do the timer to finish this thing or if he’s making progress without it.

Man, I can’t stand when wrenches get thrown in my potty plans.


4 thoughts on “The Potty Plan

  1. Trust me, he will learn! Looking back, I can see that I stressed too much about potty training. Be patient, it is a little harder for boys for some reason. Love to all–Betsy

  2. If that is your modified plan then we’re going with the No Plan lol. We have a potty and have him sit there in the morning and at night, and maaaaybe 3 times he peed in it. We’re just lazy potty trainers I think. But I do want to get undies next, just so that he knows what it feels like not to have to rely on diapers, but then that means that we do have to take him to the potty frequently and clean up yucky messes.

    For now he thankfully enjoys sitting on the potty and hanging out there. Anytime he refuses the potty we don’t make a big fuss.

  3. We’ve started with Sully but it’s very casual. He’s not anywhere near a potty at school so they won’t start with him until he moves into the 2 year room. We ask him if he wants to try and sometimes he does and sometimes he just says “NONONO potty”. Ok then. No potty. We don’t push him. He’s gone twice on the potty and just looks down like “what the heck is going on here?” pretty funny actually.Looking forward to see how it works for you!

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