Instawhat – Week of 8/19


Bugger and I will were playing with blocks.  I left the room with the blocks scattered all around the floor.  I came back 5 minutes later to this super awesome choo choo train.  Amazing.  Even more amazing to me is that he would never build something like this with me sitting next to him, because then he always wants help.  But, when I leave him to do it on his own, he turns into Boy Wonder.


Charity carnival at the restaurant on Saturday… proceeds went to Susan G Komen.  Not a great turnout.  I was super sad, considering I put a lot of extra time and surrendered a couple of days off.  Oh, well… better luck next year.


I made a million pink lemonade cupcakes for the above carnival.  Okay, I made 127.  But, still.  That’s a lot of cupcakes.  This was the aftermath of batch 4.


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