Auntie Annie

So, Bug’s Auntie Annie graduated from college this spring.  Then, she left for the summer to be a counselor at some fancy camp up north.  And then, she moved home.  As in fifteen minutes away from us.  As in I can’t believe she lives so close.  As in I am beyond excited.  Also excited: Bug.  Annie moved home to take some classes at the local college that she needs to get into grad school.  So, she won’t be here for very long… but, still.  She’s here now.  And she’s here for more than a few days over spring break.

Bugga adores his Auntie Annie.  As he should.  She is one of those people that is a natural with children.  She is fun and goofy and loving but also structured and not afraid to discipline.  She pays attention to the little developmental things just like a parent would and isn’t even a little bit afraid of acting like a fool to make her nephew laugh.  One day, she will make an incredible Momma.  While she’s living back here in Good Old Venice, we are going to do all we can to spend lots of time with her.  I am so thankful that Bug has the opportunity to spend so much time with his extended family.  We definitely live by that whole “it takes a village” mentality… the more people around to positively influence our little guy, the better!


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