Week of Workouts: 9/2 – 9/8

I continued with my twice a week workout dealy-o this week.  Seems like that’s about all I have the time/energy for these days.  Some days, I totally have time to work out, but I choose to nap instead.  Why?  Because it’s too hot to exercise outside, which is what I prefer, and, well, naps are awesome.


  • The Ab Lab by Strong Like My Coffee – First off, big fan of this blog.  The girl that writes seems like she’d be super fun in real life.  Second, this short but sweet plank workout was killer.  I hate planks, mostly because I have a shoulder issue that stems from pole vaulting back in high school, but this little Ab Lab was a totally worth it kind of challenge.  My core felt so strong after!
  • Crazy 6 Pack Ab Workout – Okay, so they used weights in this video.  I didn’t have weights available.  Still a great workout without weighs… and would definitely be a challenge with weights.  I WILL do this one again and again.
  • Never Ever Getting Back Together Workout – This sucked.  I mean, it was hardcore & worthwhile, but I hated it.  Mostly because I did this session on the cool deck pool patio floor at my In-laws’ and only had a towel under my arms.  Apparently, the elbow pushups rubbed some skin raw on my forearms.  I still have the scabs a week later to prove it.

Overall, this combo of videos was awesome… my core was that awesome kind of sore for a few days!

Thursday – Running

1.69 miles in 14:52 for a pace of 8:46/mile.  Intervals with the Hubby.  I’ve got to start running before dinner.
The end.


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