Instawhat – Week of 9/2


On Sunday, Auntie Annie and I went to the Beach Club for what we thought was Reggae night… because Sundays are always Reggae night at Beach Club.  We were wrong.  Unfortunately, Labor Day weekend threw a wrench in our plans.  Fortunately, the band playing instead of the usual Reggae guys was Mighty Mongo, and they are awesome.  We danced for almost 3 straight hours.  My legs hurt for the next three days .  Have I mentioned that I love having Annie home?


We have this weird obsession in our family with cat shirts.  We all have a creepy cat shirt.  In fact, Hubby wore his Persian Cat shirt (a classic Goodwill find) to Bug’s birth.  True story.  Anyways, Scary Uncle Adam got Bug his very first cat shirt.  We can’t wait until the next family vacation so we can get a group cat shirt photo.


We had to stop by the doctor’s office to pick something up the other day, and of course the receptionist gave Bug a lollipop.  He didn’t like it, obviously.


Playing at the playground.  This is Bug’s future wife.  Her name is Madison.  She was Bug’s first playmate and he pretty much just follows her around and does what he’s told.


Bug likes to make his family out of Legos.  This is Doublewide Daddy.  Perhaps a glimpse into the future?


Boy is totally into construction equipment right now.  His favorite quiet time activity?  These videos.  You’re welcome.


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