To be really honest here, I don’t feel all that comfortable writing about 9/11.  So many other writers have written beautiful and poignant words about the tragedies of that day, about remembering the heroes, about the love for our country that was pushed to the surface.

We all have that story of where we were that morning.  I was heading to work in my ’96 Civic, driving down the 408 in Orlando towards downtown and listening to Howard Stern on the radio.  All of a sudden he stopped what he was saying and said the first tower had been hit.  I parked my car and walked the 10 minutes to the restaurant where I tended bar and waited tables.  By the time I got to work and turned on the TV, the second tower had been hit.  I don’t remember much else in detail from the rest of the day.  I remember being worried that we were across the street from the tallest building in Orlando.  Not that Orlando would be hit, but at that point nobody knew what was going on.  I remember the towers falling.  I remember the phone call from the 17 year old daughter of the restaurant owner… she was living in New York at the time studying ballet… saying that she was okay.  I remember sitting at the bar glued to the TV all day, getting up for the very few customers that we walked through the doors.  I don’t remember leaving work or what happened that evening or the next day or the next week.  I only remember being in a fog and feeling a total and complete love for my country.  And, of course, a total and complete distaste for those who don’t believe in freedom.

Take some time today to remember what you can from that day.  Take some time to think about the heroes… not only from that single day, but also the heroes that continue to serve our country because of that day.  So that we will never forget and so that we will always be free.


4 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Well said. I went to the dedication of the Venice, FL, 9/11 memorial this morning. A steel beam from the WTC set in a lovely marble base honoring the victims, the first responders and our military. For those who don’t know, our town was where 2 of the terrorists lived and took flying lessons. They walked among us. John Ryan, our Chamber of Commerce president, gave a short speech saying how that was a stain on our community, but that this memorial helped to erase that stain. You should check out the memorial at Patriots Park.

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