Ready to Race!

I am super excited that it is race season here in Florida.  It is so hot & humid here in the summers that the last known 5k in the area is at the end of May.  That means from May – September = no competing for me.  Which sucks for me because I am a competitive person.  At least, with myself.  I don’t care if you beat me, but I do care if I don’t beat myself.

I consider myself fairly new to the sport of running.  Last season was my first full racing season.  I ran my first 5k in May of 2011 and then last season ran three 5ks, a relay race (7.75 miles in one day, split into two legs) and a half marathon.  I PR’d two of the three 5ks and was so excited to have done so.  My goal this year is to run a sub 24:30 5k.  My best time thus far is 26:52.  I got this ya’ll.

This year, I plan on running one race a month… mostly 5ks with a couple of longer ones and one half marathon thrown in for good measure.  I have a lot of running friends that decide to run races kind of last minute, but unfortunately my work schedule doesn’t really allow for that.  I have to pick my races ahead of time and make sure that I can get that shift off of work.  Here are the races I am planning on so far:

I’ll keep you updated as I sign up for more and I’ll try to do recaps on each race.

Do you plan races ahead of time?  Or do you just wing it?


4 thoughts on “Ready to Race!

  1. GOOD LUCK!!!!! i found it shocking you are just now getting into running because i was thinking you were a pole vaulter in college [?] and i’ve seen pictures of you and i can tell you are mega athletic! sometimes i wing it if i find the race online the WEEK OF THE RACE [yep it has happened] but mostly i plan. and i only do races that have other things involved like bikes or kayaks. 😉

    • Good memory! I was a pole vaulter, but only in high school. I was into sprinting and hurdles, but never any distance until a couple of years ago. I was a gymnast and a ballet dancer, and I coached gymnastics all through college.

      I love that you do races that combine running & something else. I’d love to try that, but the transitions make me so nervous!

  2. Good luck Casey! I have a lot of marathon runners in my family (but sadly can’t say the same for myself lol) and have a ton of respect for the determination it takes to do this!

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