Instawhat: Week of 9/16

So, I am obviously way behind in the blogging department.  I went on a little vacation with my mom, and then I had to catch up from being on vacation.  And now, I’m just being lazy.  The next several posts will be catch-up posts.  Maybe after that I’ll get motivated to do some real blogging!


My boys playing pirates on the couch/pirate ship at Nana’s house.


Hubby, Auntie Annie and I took Bug took his first movie!  We were ambitious in bringing him to a 3-D movie.  Go big or go home, ya know?  He did great and loved every second of it.  He sat in his little booster chair (did you know they have those at theaters???) and ate popcorn and watched the entire thing.  He even wore the glasses for all but the last 20 minutes.  I think Hubby & I watched Bug enjoying himself more than we watched the movie!


My boys lying on the couch watching Toy Story before bedtime.


I am aware that this picture is sideways.  Oh, wells.  Mom and I went to Louisville for a horse show for a few days and saw these beautiful mums.  We don’t gets mums in some of these colors in Florida!


This photo doesn’t do this church justice.  The buildings in places like Louisville?  They don’t make those in Florida, either.


Mom & I visited a beautiful historic home called Whitehall.  There was nobody else there, so we got a tour all to ourselves.  Awesome.


Opening ceremonies of the last night of the show.  I’ll do a post about the whole horse show thing and our vacation… at some point.


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