Instawhat: Week of 9/23


This is baby Emma.  She’s almost 5 months old.  At some point, I may write about her.  Bug and I watch her once a week so that both of her parents can go to work.  Bug loves her and calls her his girlfriend.  Way to rob the cradle, buddy.


Hairdos at the request of the toddler.  He brought me a hair tie and said, “Pony, Mommy!”  I’m not sure exactly where he learned about ponytails (probably preschool… thanks, Miss Yayle) because my hair is too short for them.  So, he got a pony.  And then, he said, “Mommy pony, Mommy!”  So, I got one, too.

Sideways picture, I know.  Hubby & I ran a 5k last Saturday.  James talked the New Balance guy into actually wearing the show costume that was lying on the floor.  And then, Hubby grabbed what would be the shoe’s boob.  Because that’s what the men in that family do.

I got third in my age group!  At first, I was thinking that there were probably only 3 in my age group, but turns out there were 16!!!  I was super excited.  This is me celebrating with a beer. At 9am.


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