What I Wear When I Run

Alrighty, this post is going to seem like one huge advertisement.  I assure you, it is not.  None of these brands knows that I a) am talking about them and b) exist.  These are just things that I love.  Let it be known, however, that I am not above selling out.  If Under Armour would like me to try out some new products and review them, I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to do so.  Hear that running brands?

I am not necessarily a brand junkie, but I like quality products.  And, once I find a product or brand that I like, I tend to stick with that product or brand.  So, here we go.  Starting from the top down.

I really like to run in just a sports bra and shorts.  It is, therefore, imperative that I have a sports bra that is not only comfortable, but also one that doesn’t look like I am wearing a bra.  I have had two Adidas sports bras since high school (that’s TWELVE years, folks) that are finally starting to wear out (way to go, Adidas!).  So, I went shopping a few weeks ago and was so disappointed in the selection.  Mostly due to the fact that I wanted something that I could wear without a shirt over it.  Pops, Great Nana… you might want to skip a few sentences here.  See, I have this issue called I-breastfed-a-baby.  That issue has led to nipples that are constantly poking out.  This is not awesome for bathing suits without pads & sports bras.  Needless to say, I never found a bra that you couldn’t see at least a little nipple through.  However, I did find one that did a pretty good cover job.  I am now obsessed with this sports bra.  I wear it as often as possible because it is that comfortable.  I can hardly feel it when it’s on and yet it still supports amazingly well.  It doesn’t even leave strap marks on my shoulders, which is surprising considering the thin, adjustable straps.  Without further ado, here’s my favorite sports bra… the Seamless Essential Sports Bra by Under Armour:

Next up… shorts.  I used to only run in shorts with pockets, which is difficult because nobody sells running shorts with decent sized pockets.  I carry my phone with me when I run because I use Pandora for my music and RunKeeper to track my runs.  I know I could use an arm band or a waist band, but I can’t stand them.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  What I end up with are basketball-type shorts because they have pockets.  Here’s the other thing about shorts for me… I like them short.  Call it less chafing, call it more comfortable, call it keeping me cooler.  I just like ’em short.  One day, I decided to try out a pair of New Balance short running shorts without pockets.  I heart them.  I need to buy more of them.  They have spandex-type compression-ish boy shorts underneath and are super comfortable.  The shorts underneath allow for me to tuck my phone into my waistband.  They are the New Balance Momentum Short.  **Side note – when I do run in another type for shorts, I wear Under Armour underwear underneath.  SO COMFORTABLE.**

Onto socks.  I wear Balega Hidden Comfort.  They wick, they are comfortable, and they’ve lasted me a long time.  Which, at $10 a pair, they damn well should.  Worth every penny.

Lastly, let’s talk about shoes.  I cannot stress enough that you need a good pair of shoes.  I remember when Hubby and I first started dating, he’d wear shoes from Walmart to run in.  Once he got his first good pair of running shoes, he couldn’t believe how much better not just his feet felt after a run, but also his legs, knees and back.  I used to have hip issues, but once I got fitted properly for shoes, those issues went away.  Go to a local running shoe store (or a corporate one, whatever) and have them check your gait and fit you properly.  You are welcome.  I wore New Balance for forever.  And then Brooks were recommended for me.  I am now a Brooks fan for life.  My only gripe is that my local running store doesn’t carry the super awesome colors that I have seen available online.  But, I’d rather give my money to the local guy, you know?  I over pronate, and therefore need support… so I wear Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.

 At some point, I’d really like to try some minimalist shoes… any recommendations?

Do you have particular running/workout gear that you LOVE?


4 thoughts on “What I Wear When I Run

  1. I love long under armour shirts for runs outside in cold weather. While expensive, Lululemon is my favorite brand for yoga pants of course, and their sports bras are pretty cool too. Nike is my fav for running shoes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to try out under armour shirts for this winter. I’ve never tried Lululemon, but I hear that their stuff is awesome.

    • I feel like we should put together a running party at the next show… except for Thanksgiving doesn’t really lend itself to running 🙂

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