Sometimes It’s Okay…

Sometimes it’s okay to let my kid watch a movie during a time when we would usually be playing.  Like today, when he woke from his two hour (read: very long) nap crying big alligator tears.  I think he had a bad dream.  From there, everything was difficult for him.  His toys wouldn’t stand up on the carpet.  He couldn’t fit everything into his pocket just right.  He just couldn’t shake that sad moment.  So, we turned on Toy Story and snuggled on the couch together.  And everything became okay.

Sometimes it’s okay to let my kid wear pajamas all day.  Today is not one of those days, but some days just call for it.  Days when we don’t have any plans and I don’t realize until lunchtime that we are both still wearing our jammies.  Days like this are comfortable and fun.

Sometimes it’s okay to let my kid eat junk.  The consumption of true junk usually only really happens during special occasions… trips to the fair obviously call for glorious fried sugary goodness.  But even on a random Tuesday, I might let him eat some Cheetos with lunch.  If he eats all of his dinner, he might get an Oreo or some ice cream.  We try to eat fairly healthy around here, but it’s not going to hurt him to enjoy the junk every now and again.  I am proud to say, however, that my son has yet to have soda… at least that I am aware of.  I hope to keep it that way for a long, long time.

Sometimes it’s okay to force my kid to do something he really doesn’t want to do.  We all have to do things we don’t want to, and I don’t think that two years old is too early an age to learn that.  Sometimes we have to clean up our toys, even if the fight to do so makes us late for school.  Sometimes if you aren’t pushed to try something new then you will never learn anything new.  Also, sometimes if you are pushed to retry something old (that at one time you loved) maybe you will remember how awesome that thing was.  That thing for us right now is swimming.  Bug used to be a total water baby.  He was that baby that was happier under water than above it.  Not anymore.  I’m going to elaborate more on the subject at this moment other than to say that he still loves going to the pool, but he only wants to stay on the steps.  So, we’ve been making him take breaks from playing on the steps to get in and swim.  He cries, but the boy has got to learn.  And, sometimes, that is okay.

Sometimes it’s okay to teach my kid to say semi-inappropriate things.  Because, come one, it’s funny.

Sometimes it’s okay to do things that make me feel guilty.  There are so many choices that we make as parents that make us feel guilty.  Make us feel like bad Mommies and Daddies.  Leaving bedtime up to Daddy so that I can go for a run can make me feel guilty.  And that is okay.  Going and having a drink after work with friends can make me feel guilty.  And that is okay.  Going on not just one, but TWO date nights in one week with Hubby instead of having family night at home can make me feel guilty.  And that is definitely okay.  Taking time for myself and for my marriage is one of those things that will always be double sided with little ones at home, but they are things that are important to the overall well-being of my family.  Trust me on this one.  You do NOT want to see Casey when she hasn’t had any Casey-time in awhile.

Sometimes it’s okay to leave the dishes in the sink.  Last week, on a whim, Bug and I decided to go to Mote Marine.  There was laundry to do and dishes piled in the sink.  I decided it was more important to spend the day doing something fun with my boy.  It was one of the best days ever.

What is sometimes okay to do in your life?


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