Week of Workouts: 10.7 – 10.13

Wednesday 10.10 – Pilates

Sleek & Sexy Arms for Beginners – this hurt a bit

The 100 Workout – wasn’t super excited about this one, though it was quick & effective

Gangnam Style Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge – ok, that was fun

Flatter My Abs Workout – Loved this one

My arms were sore for days after this workout!
Saturday 10.13 – Running

My first 7k!  The Phillippi Shores 7k to be exact.  I went into this race not having run farther than a 5k since February.  Because of that, I decided not to push it.  I just wanted to finish in under 44 minutes, which would be right around a 10 minute mile.  I took it easy and I felt great.  Results: 4.35 miles in 40:32 for an average pace of 9:19/mile.  Awesome sauce.  There were 20 women in my age category and I placed 11th.  I’ll take it, considering the woman with the fastest time overall was TWO age categories ahead of me.  Wowza.  I hope that I am competitive even a little bit when I am 40.


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