Week of Workouts: 10.14 – 10.20

I wouldn’t say that I was lazy this week, despite the fact that I only had one “real” workout.  Quite the opposite, actually.  On Sunday, Hubby & I played 9 holes of golf… though we took a cart instead of walking.  That totally still counts as exercise.  And, on Thursday I could have worked out, but instead I chose to get some of the million things done at home that I have been neglecting: cleaning the furniture, dusting every nook & cranny, finally hanging up the pictures and shelving in my bedroom that I have had sitting on my dresser for close to 6 months.

My one actual workout this week:

Friday 10.19 – Running

3.3 miles in 30:03 for an average pace of 9:06.  Not bad, considering that I did a good amount of walking.  Let’s just say that even though October is technically supposed to be in autumn, it still felt like summer on Friday.  I ran at 9:30am and the temperature when I got back to my car was 90.  Yay.  Here are my RunKeeper notes: Goal was 30 minutes. Started too fast. Walked around 18 minutes. Ran off and on. Walked fast, ran faster than usual pace. Still hot as crap outside.

As we speak, I am sitting on my couch on this beautiful Monday.  It’s my day off, Bug is at school and it’s 72 degrees outside at 10am.  Wanna take bets on if I can motivate myself to a) work out b) get some yard work done c) get some more house work done or d) none of the above?

You’ll have to wait until next week to find out!


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